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  1. Jag undrar i ditt land en hel del bilägare ändra oljan själva? Eller accepterat att göra det endast i tjänsten?
  2. We have a problem selling fake not quality oil. To avoid this problem, we try to buy oil directly from the wholesaler. My friends and I make one big order for everyone and have a good discount. We have a tradition to buy 3 barrels. For diesel cars, for petrol and for boats. It's convenient. The shelf life of the oil is 5 years. For my cars this amount of oil is enough for 5 years. It is very convenient to always have a supply of oil.
  3. In the settings of each device you can see the number of satellites and the strength of their signal. My boat is stored in a metal-roofed eling. The metal roof greatly reduces the signal. And all available equipment almost does not see satellites. However, for one piece of equipment, this is not a big hindrance. https://www.navico-commercial.com/en-US/Products/GPS/Simrad-GS25-GPS-Antenna-en-us.aspx. GS25 good look. All equipment of the same brand, the same date of manufacture. Think, the GS25 has a more sensitive antenna than the others.
  4. On my small boat, I installed 2 Chartplotter with Total Scan and map Navionix, 3G radar, AIS, VHF. This equipment allows me to go at night, in total darkness, at full speed of the gliding boat. Radar sees a lot, even ducks flying off from the water. I thought it was enough for me to move safely. But one time, in the area of Ekero, I decided to cut the way and went between the Islands, where the map shows a lot of dangerous places. I've seen the boats of the locals who know the place and go at full speed. I walked very slowly because I didn't know the terrain. This did not prevent me from climbing into the rocks hidden under the water.. The way back took a long time, as in any direction I found stones. Now I know that I really need ForwardScan, however, my Simrad GO7, can not work simultaneously with the Forward and Total Scan. And I'll be forced to buy another Chartplotter, Simrad NSS 2. If I was re-selecting the equipment now, I would buy the most functional Chartplotter. Because over time, the need and desire increase, and the equipment does not allow.
  5. Tog tid att göra en halvcirkelformad kniv för att skära tätningsmedlet vid kanten av platsen. Jag använde ett tätningsmedel som lim.
  6. Innan min resa började hade jag 2 dagar kvar. Jag köpte en bit teak för länge sedan, och jag ville prova hur teak hanteras. Båten har en plattform där trädet inte kommer att störa. Detta är ett bra ställe för ett experiment Jag hoppas att det här jobbet inte längre tid än jag planerat
  7. My rate is 12-15 cups a day. To do this, I have with me always and everywhere automatic coffee machine Saeco. The same as it is at my house. She accompanies me in the trunk of the car. There are some inconveniences caused with this. You should always drain the water to make coffee on the way to stop and pour water. The coffee machine consumes 2000 watts., not all inverters can do this. I use the UPS 3000 watts., with batteries removed. Connect to any source of 12 Volts. This is the battery in the car or in the boat.
  8. Please call the harbour for the most up-to-date information. +358 40 867 7760 www.msf.ax
  9. In 3 kilometers from the Eastern Harbor is the city of Kalmsta. There's very warm water, sand, shallow water. We swam there with the kids all last July. East Harbor is more lively. West - quiet. I'd choose the Harbor based on my leisure plans.
  10. There are many different simple options. https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/32836226434.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.274233edNAXZTS
  11. Often see parked boats with motor located in water. In my area it is customary to lift the motor out of the water every time to protect it from corrosion. Do you lift the motor every time you don't use the boat? If you don't lift, why?
  12. End. All boats are repaired. It took me a little longer than I thought. Each boat took 2-3 days of quiet work. Just off for 2 months. I'm very glad I took the job. It was a great lesson for me. Of course, I made mistakes. I realized those mistakes. And every next boat was much better than the previous one. I want to move on and my next step is to make a matrix for a boat like this. But I have ideas how to make the new model better.
  13. This case fascinated me a little and I brought the next batch of boats. There were 15 boats in total. 15 is a lot, they don't fit in my garage. I have to place them all over my territory.
  14. The first boat is completely repaired, polished.
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