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Friday 27 January 2023


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  1. Thanks for all the feedback! I got my 8mm cord, and prepared the hammer 😁! I will post back with the results in a weeks time :-). Cheers!
  2. Or would a 6mm cord be better suited? I'm asking, because 6mm and 8mm are very common here, 7mm not so much 😐
  3. Hi Rascal, Thank you very much! I will try to find a 7mm thick yarn/cord/fat rope (gosh, there are so many names for this!). Do you think that a 8mm one with couple of gentle hits for a small hammer can also work, or that would be too tight? Yeah, I have gone through countless threads about tightening nr9... I will be as gentle as possible, and make any adjustments (if needed) when the engine is running and it is in the water - so I can feel if it gets too hot. Thanks, Aleks
  4. Hi Rascal, You are completely right - there are tree pieces of yarn - which I call fat cord (as it is know here locally in Holland). I am asking about the size/dimension of this yarn/cord/tallow braid that I can put as a replacement to the old one. Cheers, Aleks
  5. Hi Cobalt233, Thanks for the link! I will surely send them an e-mail, but I doubt that they will give me the dimension of the fat cord (as they sell volvo penta parts). The fat cord (packing) from Volvo Penta is terribly expensive, hence my question about the dimension so that I can source a more economical variant.. Where I live (in Holland), there are various dimensions of fat cords available (usually 5x5mm, 6x6mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm - for example) You are right that I'm asking about the dimension (width) of the fat cord rings, marked as "10" in your picture :-). My propeller shaft is 30mm in diameter if that helps in any way. Thanks for any info that can be provided!
  6. Hi all, I apologize for for the use of English, and hope that it wouldn't be a problem :-). Some months ago, I became a proud owner of a Joda Tur 24 motor boat, which I bought from Sweden (and brought 3000km in lake Ohrid - Macedonia). Because I found out a small wound (a crack) in the keel section, I decided to remove my propeller shaft and the shaft tube, and accompanying parts in order to do a proper repair. One of these parts is also the packing box, for which I would like to change the packing cord (fat cord/rope), as I think it is more than 30 years old - so change it for good measure. I believe that I have a classic Volvo Penta stuffing box, I believe part number 859013 (can also be seen here: https://www.marinexpress.se/artikel.php?kid=642-775-1150&sok=&id=6253). I am unable to find info to what size of a packing cord/fat cord is used in this packing box. My measurements are a bit inconsistent, as the packing cord has been deformed by years of use. I don't want to remove it altogether, because I have the feeling that it will disintegrate in my hands 🙂 - Something I don't want to do in case I don't find a replacement. I believe it is a 8x8mm cord, but measurements show that it might be non-symmetrical, as there are 3 pieces (as per Volvo Penta's part replacement website - https://www.volvopenta.com/shop/530199/part-sections/54155417) and the measurements don't really add up... Has anyone replaced the packing/fat cord in such a packing box/gland? If so, what is the size of the packing cord that you have used? Thank you kindly!
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