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Wednesday 27 October 2021


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  1. And yes like the others guys are saying, you will need the return pipe, and a small rubber ring for it!
  2. Hi I ended up buying a Low pressure fuel pump from ibay, and a 12v voltage regulator. I’m gonna see if this will work out tomorrow!:) It is a pretty cheap fix, if it works! Felix
  3. Alright I will try it out tomorrow, thank you so much!
  4. Hi lintott Yes i did see, he was done!:( But no the mechanics of the pump, is in order. It is probably just air leakage.. what side of the piston, would you place the plastic? And I shouldn’t use rubber? I suspect the rubber, around the piston to be worn out?! maybe I’m wrong Thanks for helping me Felix
  5. Hi everyone I have a wallas 1700thermo The fuel pump Is gone.. Does anyone know where you can get a new one, or a similar one?:)) Best regards Felix
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