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Thursday 30 March 2023

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Good morning Thallatha,

I'm the current italian owner of a Storfidra 25 named Sayonara (koln). I'm looking for lost information, in particuar the lost Fisksatra boat/sail number.


I was impressed by your brilliant research work (http://thallatha.blogspot.com/2009/12/hvsfidror-storfidror.html?m=1) you did several years ago and I hope you could stull contribute to my puzzle with some additional pieces.


My boat had surely a German history till 2010, when a (unknown to me) owner registered the boat in Spain, reporting the hull nr 830, which is incoherent with the number of boats built by the shipyard. 


The year of the boat should be 1970 or 1972, according to the few contradictory indications, that I was able to find around. During the spanish life, important renovation were made, including the engine. 


Just yesterday, I found these old website where 6 photos of Sayonara taken not less tha 10 years ago were published after the spanish registration. In the first of 6 photo (attached) the spanish Barcelona registration number appear on the bow port side.



Sayonara (koln) is still the name of this storfidra25, now in Italy since 2018 and I'm the second italian owner from september 2021.


Thank you for your attention and looking forward to hear from you.






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Welcome to Maringuiden!

Now, this is not a forum for the nick Thallatha only but for many Nordic people interested in different areas of boating and related topics (and some not very related :) ).

I also think the person behind the nick Thallatha changed the nick to something else which I don’t recall right now. The person is, I believe, still active here.

I would start with addressing @Thallatha and hope the person behind the nick reacts.


Maybe @toaen is the new nick?


Or maybe it is the other way around?

(I hope not all here have similar bad memory… ;) )

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Thank you @ChristerN . I found this interesting site looking around for information on my old boat, that should have a long story at sea (still unknown to me). I wasn't able to exploit the discussion already opened by @Thallatha or @toaen, whatever is his current nickname. For the moment I just learned that the google translator facilitates liaisons and technical information exchange on our beloved boats.

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