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  1. Totally understand you scepticism .. and apologies for the spelling mistakes in my original post. Doesn't help my credibility I suppose 😀.. Here are the questions that I was going to ask you, so you can see I am not asking for your account numbers or any western union deposits. What kind of boat do you have? How does a typical boat trip look like for you? How do you plan a trip (at home, spontaneously)? How do you find destinations for your trip? How do you find port or lock information? What other information is important for you when you go on a trip? Do you have a chartplotter or MFD on board? If yes which one? Do you use a mobile App for navigation? Are you happy with the current systems that you are using? What other Apps or Websites are you using when planning a boating trip or when your on one? What is the thing you love the most about this sport? Have you ever had a negative experience on one of your trips? Can you think of any other digital touchpoints that you have related to your sport?
  2. Since the responses seem to be rather slow, I checked with my supervisor and I can offer anyone who is willing to participate a 20€ Amazon Voucher 🙂! Questions are easy and fairly general on how you use your boats, what a typical trip looks like, how you plan it and how you navigate on the trip. Would be very happy if a few people would be willing to participate!
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Patrick and I am a mba student currently working on a research project on the topic of digital trends in the marine industry. For that I am trying to better understand the needs of motorboat drivers. I am based in Germany and spoke to quite a few people here already, but as the boating habits are quite different on the swedish coast and especially the skärgård, I was hoping to find a few people here who would be willing to jump on a call with me for 20 minutes max. I would be looking for "cruisers" that are frequently going to the coastal areas and the swedish skärgård with motorboats, typically day-trips or weekend-trips. I am interested in your general habits and you navigation solutions and other applications that you use to get up to date information, and also in individual navigation solutions such as tablet + apps. I would appreciate your help a lot and if you want to participate, i would be happy if some reach to me here in the threat, a pm or on my email patrick.kuett@gmail.com. Kind regards, Patrick
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